Benefits of Magnaguard Magnetic Closure Over Velcro Thyroid Collars

Barrier Technologies® is always at the cutting edge of materials science. We realized that magnetic closures were the perfect option for our radiation-protective apparel. Our research and development team designed and patented MagnaGuard™, our unique magnetic closure system.

Magnetic closures are growing in popularity as they are a quick, easy way to fasten clothing. They are particularly useful for garments that need to be securely closed. Their “clean look” and reliability make them an excellent choice for fasteners on specialized workwear.

Read on to discover why this revolutionary fastener is far superior to Velcro for use in thyroid collars.


What Is a Velcro Closure Thyroid Shield?

The Velcro hook and loop fastening system is simple and easy to use. Everyone knows the distinctive sound of the two layers being ripped apart! Over time, Velcro has replaced buttons, snaps, zippers, laces, buckles, and other fiddly fasteners.

Velcro can be used thousands of times, but eventually, the hooks stretch and break. In addition, the closure is only as strong as the stitching or adhesive that holds it in place.

Most thyroid shields have Velcro strips. These adjustable, one-size-fits-all closures provide a close fit. However, Velcro has to be flexed to release the hooks. This action may damage the attenuation material.

Velcro is washable, but it gathers lint, hair, and dirt which are hard to remove. The hooked half is notorious for getting stuck to sweaters and loosely woven fabric, causing damage! More problematically, Velcro accumulates dead skin and sweat, making it the perfect breeding ground for contagious microbes.


What Is a Magnetic Closure Thyroid Shield?

There is a neater, cleaner option than Velcro for fastening a thyroid shield. Then, hidden magnetic strips are sewn into the collar underneath the outer cover. These powerful magnets hold the thyroid collar firmly and reliably in place around the neck of the wearer.

A worrying concern with all radiation protection products is that they carry the risk of transferring harmful pathogens between colleagues who share the same shields. Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are an extremely serious problem in the medical sector. We are currently experiencing the ravages of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), but other potentially lethal pathogens include methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, and the list goes on.

Magnetic strip closures are completely covered and can’t harbor potentially lethal HAI. They provide a sleek, smooth surface for comfort and easy cleaning. Donning and doffing are accomplished without any hassle, hair-pulling, or possible damage to surgical gloves.


Magnetic Closure vs. Velcro Closure Thyroid Shields

Let’s look at the characteristics of the two types of closure systems for thyroid shields. Below is a table comparing magnetic vs. Velcro closure:


Comparison of Magnetic Closure vs. Velcro Closure
Characteristic Magnetic Closure Velcro Closure
1. Weight The magnets’ weight is a negligible fraction of the thyroid collar’s weight. Lightweight Velcro is made from nylon and polyester.
2. Visibility The magnets are stitched inside the cover, giving a clean look. Velcro is sewn onto the outside of the cover and is visible.
3. Adjustability A magnetic closure can be overlapped along its length for a snug fit around different neck sizes. The closure can be overlapped along its length but may leave some Velcro exposed.
4. Comfort A magnetic closure has no skin contact and is very comfortable. Velcro can be prickly and pull hair at the back of the neck.
5. Durability A permanent magnet can last for 100 years! The magnetic closure will outlast the rest of the collar. Velcro eventually wears out as the hooks get stretched or snap.
6. Cleanliness The hidden magnets can’t attract or collect dirt. Velcro is well known for collecting dirt, fibers, sweat, hair, etc.
7. Hygiene Hidden magnetic closures can’t harbor any nasty germs and are sterile. Velcro is a potential breeding ground for pathogens that can cause serious HAI.
8. Ease of use Magnetic closures can be opened or closed easily with one hand and don’t require the collar to be flexed. Velcro can be manipulated with one hand, but must be flexed or forcibly pulled apart to release the hooks.


Advantages of a MagnaGuard Thyroid Shield

Barrier Technologies introduces our revolutionary MagnaGuard thyroid shield with magnetic closure. Our top-of-the-range thyroid collars offer uncompromising protection against the dangers of ionizing radiation. Moreover, the innovative collar magnets eliminate the need for Velcro. This greatly reduces the hazards of transmissible infections.

Our MagnaGuard thyroid collars wrap around the throat and close at the back of the neck using our patented magnetic closure system. Each collar is covered with our non-porous UltraFlex™ fabric, which is antimicrobial, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

Although the sharing of personal protective equipment is not an ideal situation, we are aware that it occurs in many healthcare settings as a cost-saving measure. (However, we strongly recommend that every radiologic worker have their radiation protection apparel.) Our impervious MagnaGuard thyroid shield with UltraFlex covering can be sanitized easily and completely with any hospital-grade disinfectant. This minimizes the ever-present threat of cross-contamination and the spread of pathogenic microbes.

MagnaGuard thyroid collars are available in several colors and can be personalized with your name and logo to promote your brand. We offer three different types of radiation attenuation lining. Choose between traditional lead, lead-lite, or our environmentally friendly lead-free options. All of these have the equivalent of 0.5mm Pb frontal protection.

We suggest pairing our MagnaGuard thyroid shields with other radiation protective garments in the MagnaGuard range, such as our frontal aprons. These also feature our marvelous magnetic closures and are covered in UltraFlex fabric for the best protection against scatter radiation and HAI.



Barrier Technologies conducts extensive consulting, research, and development to solve the challenges faced by professionals working with scatter radiation. We’re always willing to assist when you’re faced with a workplace problem that poses a potential threat to your health and safety.

We’ll deploy our considerable resources and expertise to find an innovative and often game-changing solution. To this end, we have engineered technologically advanced products specifically designed to eliminate unhygienic Velcro fasteners and mitigate the transmission of disease-causing pathogens.

Call today to inquire about our ultra-protective MagnaGuard thyroid shields with magnetic closure, and the other products in the MagnaGuard range.