Innovation in Radiation Protection Technology

Engineered with superior performance against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, our lightweight, protective aprons offer comfortable flexibility with a broad range of customization options.


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Industry leading manufacturer of Radiation Protection Products

Our high quality USA manufactured radiation protection products include our lightweight lead-free aprons, thyroid collars, leaded eyewear, radiation reducing gloves, x-ray accessories & mobile barriers. These products give our customers the safety they need, the style they want and the personal service that makes all the difference. Barrier Technologies is fast becoming the worldwide industry leader in radiation protection product manufacturing by emphasizing quality, innovation, shorter lead times, and world class customer service.


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Barrier Ultra Flex Lead ApronTechnology

Maximum Protection Against Harmful Ionizing Radiation


The anti-bacterial surface of the UltraFlex apron helps in providing the hygienic condition so necessary during all procedures. Additives on the surface material help reduce potential cross contamination. Read More


The unique composition of the radio protective inner core material significantly reduces the weight of the UltraFlex apron. This provides maximum comfort compared to leaded and other non-leaded aprons.

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Stain Resistant

Stain and Fluid resistance of the urethane surface of the UltraFlex apron makes clean up and apron maintenance easier and more effective while maintaining that spotless appearance expected for procedures.

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UltraFlex outer fabric has 4 way stretchability. The inner apron lining is a softer more adaptable and breathable fabric. The combination of these two components provides the renowned flexibility of the UltraFlex apron.

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Barrier Ultra Flex Lead ApronBarrier Ultra Flex Lead Apron

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Barrier Technologies Thyroid Shields

MagnaGuardTM Aprons & Thyroid Collars

Through our steadfast commitment to product innovation, we have developed MagnaGuard™ a revolutionary magnetic closure system that eliminates the need for Velcro.

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Leaded Eyewear

Precision Engineering. Superior Protection.

Barrier Technologies® has evolved into the leading global manufacturer of Radiation Safety Eyewear. Our leaded eyewear collection sets the standard for quality & comfort. Known for its innovative styling, maximum protection, and even weight distribution, our collection of Radiation Safety Glasses features both wraparound and fit over frame styles.

Our optical laboratory is equipped with a Free-Form Robotic glass surfacing machine which enables us to manufacture anti-fatigue Single Vision, high definition Bi-Focal, and personalized Progressive Prescriptions is less than half the time of our competitors.

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Barrier Technologies Leaded Eyewear



Barrier Technologies Made in the USA


Made In The USA

Barrier Technologies products are proudly made in the USA. This allows us to provide the trusted quality that is synonymous with “Made in the USA”. Because we control all of our manufacturing we can ensure quality by careful material selection, precise manufacturing and detailed quality control procedures.

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