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Radiation Protection X-Ray ApronsInnovative Dental Radiation Protection Products

Digital imaging technology is revolutionizing the dental industry. This superior technology does come at a cost, as patients and staff are being exposed to increasing levels of ionizing radiation.

While individual radiation doses are low, it’s important to remember the cumulative effects of radiation exposure. Without proper dental radiation protection, ionizing radiation can amass over time, eventually reaching cancer-causing levels.

At Barrier Technologies, we make it easy for dental specialists and clinics to mitigate this risk of radiation by manufacturing the best dental x-ray protection products in the industry. Our protective xray aprons, innovative thyroid collar, and other dental products pair maximum protection with optimal comfort.

Dental Lead-Free Aprons & Dental X-Ray Aprons

A problem for the dental industry is that nylon fabric and velcro closures can’t be properly cleaned and disinfected, so traditional dental lead aprons are exceptionally dirty.

This introduces a lot of risks, especially since the average dental lead aprons can be handled by up to 100 people on a busy day.

With each new use the apron gathers more contaminants, and since its being passed from person to person to person — well, you can imagine the huge volume of bacteria being transmitted between patients.

Here at Barrier Technologies, our dental aprons solve this hygiene problem.

Our Innovative Anti-Bacterial Dental Apron Technologies

We’ve developed innovative apron technologies that keep your dental lead aprons sanitized, Covid-19 compliant, and safe for your patients and staff. These features include:

  • UltraFlex™. Our proprietary and patented fabric which is stain-resistant, impervious to fluids, and can be easily sanitized between each use.
  • MagnaGuard™. Our patented, magnetic closure system that eliminates velcro and makes your aprons cleaner, easier to wear, and longer-lasting.

By ordering dentist aprons equipped with MagnaGuard™ and UltraFlex™, you’re protecting your staff and patients with the safest and most hygienic aprons in the industry.

Dental Apron Core Material Options

Our catalog of dental aprons features two core materials, including:

  1. Pb-free™. Our Tungsten-based, proprietary lead-free, lightweight, alloy blend, protective core material.
  2. Pb Standard™. A lightweight, lead-based, protective core material.

If you are looking for lead-free dental aprons, you’ll be excited to hear that our innovative lead-lite core material offers the same level of dental radiation protection as a dental lead apron, but is significantly lighter. This makes our aprons easy to wear for long periods of time.

Thyroid Collars for Dental X-Rays

We offer three dental thyroid shield options, allowing you to select the best collar for your practice. Our most popular dental collar option is the Boomerang, which many dental practices use to protect both patients and staff.

  1. Boomerang Thyroid Shield. Our standard collar, it’s comfortable and easy to clean.
  2. Visor Collar. This delivers thyroid protection with additional neck protection.
  3. Disposable Thyroid Cover. Ideal for dental facilities that have frequent staff rotation and need to affordably protect short-term personnel.

We recommend ordering dental X-ray collars equipped with MagnaGuard™ and UltraFlex™ for maximum comfort and antibacterial protection.

Dental Apron & Thyroid Collar Customization Options

In addition to UltraFlex™, we offer three additional fabric options. These include:
  1. Ripstop nylon (a diamond ripstop material)
  2. Designer prints (nylon material with custom prints that you can choose)
  3. Standard nylon

Aprons can also be embroidered with your company’s logo and branding.

Barrier Technologies — America’s Leading Manufacturer of Dental Radiation Protection

We are constantly working hard to ensure our X-ray protection for dental patients and staff is the best in America. This is why we’ve invested in developing new technologies like UltraFlex™.

To learn more about our innovative dental x-ray protection, dental lead aprons, and other radiation protection products, please contact us today.

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