The Best 10 Lead Radiation Glasses in the Market

Lead glasses are one of the most important pieces of equipment to wear. For those who are regularly exposed to scattered radiation, lead glasses can protect against negative side effects. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and once they are damaged, it is nearly impossible to reverse.

Luckily, technology continues to improve and it is now quite simple to protect the eyes from scatter radiation. Barrier Technologies works passionately to guarantee safety from radiation.

What Are Radiation Lead Glasses?

Radiation lead glasses are specialty eyewear that are made with 0.75mm Pb leaded lenses that block scatter radiation from affecting the eyes. Since they are made for professionals who wear protective equipment for extended periods of time in mind, they are lightweight. Lightweight frames make lead eyewear much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Barrier Technologies uses the highest quality materials possible to create lightweight frames, such as titanium, TR90, and nylon.

The main purpose of radiation lead glasses is to block radiation. This is possible thanks to the high density of lead; it is so tightly packed on an atomic level that the radiation cannot penetrate through it. Whenever there is a chance of exposure to scatter radiation, leaded eyewear should be worn.

What should I look for?

With many options out there, it can feel confusing when trying to choose the best for your organization. The two main points to keep in mind as a general guide are the eyewear’s comfort and construction.

As mentioned above, lead glasses with a frame made from lightweight materials such as reinforced nylon are a superior choice for comfort. In addition to a lighter frame, an adjustable nose piece is another feature to keep an eye out for. An adjustable nose piece means the lead glasses will fit comfortably on any nose, regardless of size or shape. Also, an adjustable nose piece allows for the weight of the glasses to be distributed in a more balanced way; this makes a huge difference in the long term, as ill fitting lead glasses can feel heavy after hours of usage.

The second feature to look out for is comfortable temple arms and earpieces. Some brands will have the option for eyewear that have adjustable earpieces. Relatedly, having a rubber or silicone piece around the ear helps ease the weight on the ears, and as a result makes the leaded eyewear more comfortable on the forehead and temples for long periods of time.

Lastly, it is recommended to seek out leaded eyewear with anti-fog technology. When wearing leaded glasses during work with a mask, fogging can sometimes occur.  Barrier Technologies has developed a lens coating process that helps to inhibit the formation of fogging on the lenses.

Do I Need to Wear Radiation Protective Eyewear?

Absolutely. There is no doubt anyone being exposed to scatter radiation for any amount of time一 but especially if it is extended exposure一 needs to be wearing leaded glasses. The IAEA has recently lowered the maximum allowable radiation dose to the eye by 80%.

Some of the reasons to wear lead glasses include:

  • to reduces the risk of workplace electromagnetic radiation
  • to protect the eyes from too much radiation
  • to prevent cataracts from developing
  • to prevent tissue damage that could lead to glaucoma or blindness

The eyes are roughly 4 times more sensitive to radiation than the rest of the body, so it is of the utmost importance to adequately shield them from potential damage.

Best Lead Radiation Glasses

Every organization has its own specific and unique needs, so it is always recommended to thoroughly check the various features of different lead glasses models and brands. The best lead glasses for the members of your organization may be different from the average. However, there are a few leading models and brands that remain popular with professionals across numerous industries.

Barrier Technologies offers the best quality lead glasses with a wide variety of styles. Since all Barrier Technologies glasses have a minimum of 0.75mm Pb protection, they all offer 100% protection against scatter radiation.

Oakley Lead Glasses

Oakley is a leading brand offered by Barrier Technologies. All of the Oakley glasses frames are made with nylon composites, making them light and wearable for longer hours.

Some recommendations depending on your specific requirements can be found below.

  • For comfort: Crosslink, Gascan, Straightlink

These Oakley lead glasses boast superior comfort. Naturally, they provide strong protection and lightweight frames too.

  • For extra protection: Twoface, Det Cord

Depending on your unique needs, these two kinds of lead glasses may be a great choice. With extra protection on the side of the face and strong frames, they will serve well.

Costa Lead Glasses

Another brand offered by Barrier Technologies is Costa. Their lead glasses are a great option for those concerned with glasses that fit well.

  • For comfort: Fantail, Tuna Alley

These types keep the glasses resting as comfortably as possible upon the face.

  • For extra protection: Brine, Cape, Blackfin

These three options include side protective shields and ports to lower fogging.

Rudy Project Radiation Safety Eyewear

Perhaps the most comfortable brand offered, Rudy Project uses ergonomic features to enhance comfort. 

  • For comfort: Voltage, Sensor

Extra lightweight and with an additional nosepiece, both types increase the wearer’s day-long comfort.

  • For extra protection: Contender

Contender includes side shields to protect the eyes from all angles.

What Happens When I Don’t Wear Radiation Glasses

Any person potentially exposed to scatter radiation is at risk for serious damage. In particular, the eyes need as much protection as possible. Whether an individual is being exposed to radiation once or every day, they should wear protective gear.

If an individual does not wear protective gear, the damages incurred could include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Tissue damage
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Blindness

This level of damage to the eye is irreversible. Therefore, it is imperative to wear high-quality lead radiation glasses.

Barrier Technologies: The Leading Global Manufacturer of Radiation Safety Eyewear

Safety is at the forefront of Barrier Technologies. Combining innovation, high quality, and expertise, we continually develop new ways to protect you from radiation.

Our friendly team of professionals is familiar with a wide range of industries, such as medical and veterinary, and are available to answer any questions. If you have any questions, please contact us today!