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Thyroid Shield | Radiation Protection Thyroid Guard

Thyroid shields protect medical staff from the dangerous effects of scatter radiation. Failing to regularly use a thyroid collar is almost guaranteed to result in cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

At Barrier Technologies, our engineers have developed three kinds of radiation protection thyroid collars, enabling you to choose the collar that best suits the unique needs of your medical organization. Our collars also feature two layers of industry-leading antibacterial technology, making them an ideal choice for physicians operating during the current pandemic.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of our thyroid collars, or place an order today. Depending on inventory, our radiation protection products can ship within 24 hours.


Lead-Free & Lead Thyroid Shield Options

The thyroid shield collars created here at Barrier Technologies are considerably more comfortable to wear than competing options. This is because most x-ray protection manufacturers don’t take into consideration the actual location of the thyroid gland and so offer tall, turtle-neck-like collars that are stiff, uncomfortable, and inhibit movement.

In contrast to competing options, our thyroid collars are designed to protect the actual thyroid gland, which rests down where the neck meets the chest. Consequently, our protection is more comfortable and more effective at reducing radiation exposure.


Thyroid Shield Options

We offer three radiation shielding options, all of which pair seamlessly with our radiation protection gloveslead aprons and lead glasses and have the equivalent of 0.5mm Pb protection:

  1. Boomerang Thyroid Shield. Our standard, comfortable, easy-to-clean collar.
  2. Visor Thyroid Collar. Thyroid protection paired with enhanced neck protection.
  3. Disposable Thyroid Collar. Ideal for medical facilities that have frequent staff rotation or training and are looking for an affordable way to protect short-term personnel.

Our disposable x-ray collars were invented in conjunction with a major American medical center that asked us to create affordable short-term thyroid protection. This request was motivated by a dermatitis outbreak at the medical center, caused by trainees sharing their thyroid collars.

Barrier Technologies resolved the dermatitis crisis by designing and releasing our line of disposable collars — an excellent example of our commitment to reducing infection and solving problems within our sector of the medical industry.


Core & Outer-Material Options

We offer three core material options:

  1. Standard Pb (lead collar)
  2. Pb-free aprons (lead-free collar)
  3. Lead-lite aprons (lead-free collar)

All of our core materials have the equivalent of 0.5mm Pb of protection.

We also offer four outer-material options:

  1. Standard nylon
  2. Ripstop nylon (a diamond ripstop material)
  3. Designer prints (nylon material with custom prints)
  4. UltraFlex™ (our proprietary, antibacterial material)


Innovative Thyroid Guard Technology

One of the biggest problems with radiation protection products is that they carry the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses between colleagues who share the same shields.

As part of our commitment to solving problems within our sector of the medical industry, we have engineered a number of proprietaries and patented parts that mitigate this infection-risk and elevate our thyroid shields above competing products.

These innovations include our antibacterial outer-material, UltraFlex™, and our MagnaGuard™ velcro-free closures.


Antibacterial Thyroid Shield Material

Traditionally, the only outer-material option for thyroid shield has been porous nylon fabric. Nylon is difficult to clean and easy to stain, resulting in dirty shields that are ripe with infectious diseases.

We solved this problem by inventing and patenting UltraFlex™, a durable outer-material that provides the following advantages:

  1. Isn’t porous, making collars stain resistant.
  2. Is easy to clean with any hospital-grade disinfectant.
  3. Reduces HAIs and is Covid-19 infection control compliant.

UltraFlex™ is also more comfortable to wear than nylon because we craft it from a flexible four-way stretch fabric. The comfort can be increased by pairing UltraFlex™ with our proprietary lead-lite core material.


Velcro-Free Closures

Bacteriological testing consistently demonstrates that velcro closures are a veritable nest for MRSA, staph, and other dangerous infections. We’ve mitigated the risk posed by velcro by inventing and patenting MagnaGuard™, a magnetic closure system that provides the following advantages:

  1. Lasts longer than velcro, increasing the longevity of your collar.
  2. Can be cleaned with any disinfectant.
  3. Eliminates the possibility of velcro hair pulls, making our collars more comfortable to use.


Our Catalog of Secure Shield Pads, Drapes, Lead-Free & Lead Thyroid Collars

Learn more about our industry-leading radiation protection thyroid collars in our product catalog: Download Catalog


Barrier Technologies — An Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Thyroid Collars For Radiation Protection

The thyroid guards manufactured here at Barrier Technologies do more than simply mitigate x-ray exposure risks. Our thyroid collars are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. We work with medical facilities of all sizes, manufacture our custom collars in-house, and are happy to cater to the unique needs of your organization.

To learn more about our innovative thyroid shield, please contact us today or you can download our catalog.

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