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Some people see things as they are and say why…
…we dream of things that never were and say why not

Barrier Technologies holds some game changing intellectual property; an issued patent for a unique Magnetic Closure system (named MagnaGuard™).

Through our steadfast commitment to product innovation, we have developed MagnaGuard™ a revolutionary magnetic closure system that eliminates the need for Velcro.

There is an unfortunate common practice in our industry among healthcare workers to share their protective x-ray garments with one another. This practice leads to cross contamination and the spread of harmful bacteria. Our extensive bacteriological testing has confirmed the presence of MRSA and other dangerous bacteria on the Velcro closure portion of the Apron & Thyroid Collar. This bacteria is a cause of HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) which costs the healthcare industry $billions/year. MagnaGuard™ can be properly disinfected with a hospital grade disinfectant which will help to eliminate these dangerous forms of bacteria.

The end result is a protective garment that protects you from harmful x rays and is cleaner, safer, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly which benefits the Healthcare institution, practitioner, and patient. MagnaGuard™ thyroid collars are available in a variety of colors & can be customized with your own logo & name.

We invite you to inquire about this truly revolutionary product and our other leaded and lead free radiation protection products.


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