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Radiation exposure is a major risk to the eyes of healthcare professionals who frequently work with x-rays. To mitigate this risk, Barrier Technologies has developed a large inventory of leaded eyewear. Our radiation glasses protect the eyes from 100% of scatter radiation.

Beyond protection, our radiation protection glasses offer a host of other benefits, including: 

  1. Highest lead content in the industry 
  2. Protective glasses in your exact prescription
  3. The lens does not yellow over time
  4. Anti-reflective lenses cut glare
  5. The anti-fog coating enhances performance
  6. Our catalog includes frames by Rudy Project, Oakley, Costa, and other major eyewear brands

Continue reading to learn more about our industry-leading lead glasses or download our eyewear catalog to learn about each pair of leaded eyewear in detail.

X-Ray Protection Glasses Are Necessary

While occasional radiation exposure is not harmful, consistent exposure to low dose radiation (LDR) over the course of a career can seriously damage the eyes.

Without proper eye protection, cardiologists, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals that work with x-rays put themselves at increased risk of pre-cataract lesions, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal damage, dry eye, and even blindness. The higher the level of exposure, the higher the risk of damage.

How Radiation Protective Eyewear Protects Your Eyes

To protect the eyes from radiation, lead glasses should be worn whenever x-ray technology is being used. To maximize protection, radiation protection glasses should be used in tandem with scatter-shielding screens and additional lead protection on the body, neck, and head.

Best Radiation Glasses – Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog, & Perscription

At Barrier Technologies, we manufacture the strongest radiation safety glasses in the industry. We’ve accomplished this by investing heavily in glass surfacing technology and partnering with Corning — America’s leading supplier of ophthalmic lenses.

At 0.75mm, Corning’s Med-X® Glass has the highest lead concentration in the industry, blocking 100% of harmful radiation to the eye. And in contrast to foreign-made lenses that turn yellow over time, Corning’s American made Med-X® Glass never changes color. This ensures that your protective glasses maintains exceptional optical clarity throughout its entire life.

Three more features that elevate Barrier Technologies’s x-ray protection glasses above competing options include our specialized coatings, the ability to deliver exact prescriptions, and our wide inventory of frames from your favorite eyewear companies.

ClearView Coatings For Optimal Clarity

To ensure that our glasses maintain their position as the best radiation eyewear available, we offer specialized ClearView coatings that enable you to optimize your glasses for your work environment.

You can choose to enhance your glasses with one or both of the following coatings: 

  1. ClearView AR (anti-reflective): cuts the glare and helps you continue working under harsh lights
  2. ClearView AF (anti-fog): prevents misting and condensation from forming on your glasses

ClearView coatings are unique to Barrier Technologies’s lead glasses and are an excellent example of our commitment to delivering superior products to the healthcare industry.

Prescription Lead Glasses

Traditionally, it has been difficult to replicate a prescription in lead glasses. But, with the advent of innovative prescription software, like our Digital Lens Surfacing system, we are able to provide customers with leaded prescription glasses that have their exact prescription.

Our Digital Lens Surfacing system enables us to provide customers with anti-fatigue Single Vision, high definition Bi-Focal, and personalized progressive prescription glasses with up to a +4.50 add power.

By ordering your lead eyewear from Barrier Technologies, you ensure maximum protection with minimal eye strain.

Oakley Radiation Glasses (and other popular brands)

Our Med-X® Glass lenses can be ordered in over 50 styles, with frames from some of the eyewear industry’s top companies, including: 

  1. Rudy Project
  2. Oakley 
  3. Costa 
  4. Nike 

The frames we offer are stress-resistant, equipped with cutting-edge ergonomic features, and manufactured from a variety of high-performance materials, such as titanium and carbon fiber.

Accessories for Lead Glasses

We provide a variety of accessories along with every order of protective lead eyewear. This includes: 

  1. An ARCFF refresh solution for lenses with the ClearView AF coating
  2. A cleaning kit 
  3. A protection case 
  4. And a retention strap

To enhance your radiation protection, we can also supply you with protective gloves, leaded thyroid collars, and protective aprons.

Catalog of All Our X-Ray Glasses

Our expansive eyewear catalog includes everything from minimalist fashion to heavy-duty tactical protection and full-face shields.

In addition to industry-leading eye protection, we also supply the healthcare industry with innovative radiation protective aprons, protective gloves, mobile lead shield, and other protective x-ray tools.

Barrier Technologies – A Leading Global Manufacturer of Radiation Safety Eyewear

Barrier Technologies is America’s leading manufacturer of radiation safety glasses. Our partnerships with state-of-the-art eyewear companies like Corning, Rudy Project, and Oakley enable us to deliver long-lasting lead glasses to our customers.

Our lenses can accommodate any RX type, whether Plano, Single Vision, Bi-Focal, or personalized Progressive prescription.

To learn more about our innovative radiation solutions and CT protection shield visit our leaded eyewear overview section or please download our leaded eyewear catalog, or contact us today.

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