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Surgical Radiation Protection Aprons

Exposure to ionizing radiation poses a serious risk to everyone in the operating room, including the patient, radiation technologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, and other operating room staff.

While radiation levels during individual procedures may be low, it’s important to remember that ionizing radiation has a cumulative effect. Without a proper surgical lead apron, radiation can build up in the body over time, eventually reaching dangerous, cancer-causing levels.

Here at Barrier Technologies, our goal is to make it easy for operating room staff and patients to stay protected from scatter radiation. We do this by investing in innovation, developing lighter materials, antibacterial fabrics, and other technologies that pair comfort with maximum protection.

Continue reading to learn more about our surgical lead aprons and Pb-free aprons, or download our surgery apron catalog to read about each apron in detail.

Industry-Leading Surgical Radiation Protection Aprons

From traditional lead aprons for surgery to innovative alloy-based and lightweight alternatives, all our surgical aprons are comfortable to wear and deliver dependable protection.

Another advantage of ordering from us is that we offer a diverse range of surgery apron customizations. This section will explore the customization options available to you.

Protective Core Material Options

We manufacture two protective core materials:

  1. Pb-free™ (Tungsten-based, proprietary lead-free, lightweight, alloy blend, protective core material)
  2. Pb Standard™ (lightweight, lead-based, protective core material)

Fabric Options

We also offer four fabric material options for your surgeon apron:

  1. UltraFlex™ (our proprietary, antibacterial, stain-resistant fabric)
  2. Ripstop nylon (a diamond ripstop material)
  3. Designer prints (nylon material with custom prints that you can choose)
  4. Standard nylon

UltraFlex™ (Antibacterial Surgery Apron Material)

A major problem with traditional nylon outer materials is that they are porous, can be easily stained, and can’t be effectively cleaned. Consequently, surgical lead-free aprons are infamously dirty and increase the risk of HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection) with each use.

To eliminate this health risk, our engineers have developed a revolutionary new apron fabric called UltraFlex™.

UltraFlex™ is a medical-grade, urethane-coated fabric that is impervious to fluids.

This means UltraFlex™ is stain resistant and can be properly cleaned and disinfected, mitigating the risk of HAI via aprons. For this reason, we encourage you to select UltraFlex™ as your apron’s outer material.

MagnaGuard™ (Antibacterial Magnetic Closures)

Another innovation that elevates our aprons over the competition is MagnaGuard™, our patented, velcro-free closure system.

Traditional velcro apron closures are breeding grounds for MRSA, staph, and other sources of HAI. To eliminate the health threats posed by these velcro closures, Barrier Technologies’ engineers developed MagnaGuard™.

MagnaGuard™ is a powerful magnetic closure system that is significantly more comfortable than velcro, can be effectively sanitized, lasts longer, and is much easier to put on and take off.

Ready To Go Surgical Aprons (Ship Within 24 Hours)

When you order an apron, the industry standard is to have it shipped in 4-8 weeks. We understand that most physicians and hospitals don’t have that kind of time, so Barrier Technologies has developed a special line of Ready To Go (RTG) surgical lead apron that can be shipped within 24 hours of your order. Contact us today!

RTG aprons can be easily customized, allowing you to choose between 4 sizes (SM, MD, LG, XL), 5 colors, and 2 surgical apron styles (Barrier Flex Frontal, and two-piece vest and skirt). Learn more about our RTG aprons here.

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