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When working long hours with x-ray apparatus, personal protective apparel may be insufficient to avoid any potential harm caused by scatter radiation. X-ray table drapes and other passive radiation shielding devices provide an extra and essential level of protection.

Recent medical developments show an increasing trend towards minimally invasive, real-time imaging techniques, such as fluoroscopy-guided catheter-based cardiology. As these practices become more commonplace, the hazardous effects of radiation exposure have increasingly become a subject of concern.

Barrier Technologies® manufactures the highest quality, fully customizable x-ray table shielding drapes for radiation, to afford all radiologic professionals and clinicians peace of mind.

X-Ray Table Drapes: A Quick Overview

When working with radiation, it is of vital importance that personnel always practice the ALARA PrincipleAs Low As Reasonably Achievable. There are 3 essential components to this principle. Two of these, time of exposure and distance from the radiation source are active, behavioral measures, while the third, shielding against the harmful effects of radiation, is passive. If you’re working with real-time imaging during a medical procedure, it can be more difficult to achieve the first two components and thus the third component, shielding, becomes paramount.

Routinely donning appropriate x-ray personal protective equipment, such as lead aprons, may not always adequately shield the lower body and legs of healthcare professionals. In fact, independent studies have shown that up to 69% of scatter radiation emanates from underneath the imaging table during x-ray procedures. For this reason, equipment-mounted passive shielding, such as x-ray table drapes, is critically important.

The addition of lead paneled x-ray table shielding drapes to an imaging table will effectively attenuate this harmful secondary radiation. These drapes are designed to hang from the sides of the table down to the floor, thus shielding the area below the table. They should be used in examination rooms, operating theaters, cardiac catheterization laboratories, nuclear medicine laboratories, and all interventional radiology rooms using x-ray fluoroscopy, MRIs, and CT scans.

X-Ray Table Shielding Drapes by Barrier Technologies

Barrier Technologies manufactures x-ray table shielding drapes with a superior saddleback design that fits securely over any size or configuration of the table. Our table shields help to protect the lower extremities from the harmful effects of scatter radiation.

The overlapping, pleated lead panels are arranged to enable staff and C-arm mobility without compromising protection. Each panel provides a 0.5mm Pb equivalent.

Our drapes are fully customizable to your specific table dimensions and panel lengths. They can also include table end flaps to protect anesthetists and other healthcare staff who may be required to work at the head or foot of the table.

The shielding panels are attached to a padded cover that simply drapes over the surface of the table beneath the mattress. This padded cover is unshielded and does not contain any lead.

You may choose your outer material from our wide range of proprietary UltraFlex™ fabric. It is antibacterial, stain-resistant, COVID-19 compliant, and also impervious to fluids. It can easily and rapidly be wiped down with disinfectant between patients to ensure sterility. We suggest our handy Secure Shield cleaning wipes, which are comprehensively active against stains and bacteria.

For even greater shielding during procedures, we recommend that x-ray table drapery be combined with other passive protective barriers. We fabricate a complete selection of x-ray accessories including:

  1. Mobile Barriers: Made with Barrier Safe™ laminated, shatter-resistant, radiation shielding lead glass, with 1.6mm Pb equivalent @150kVp.
  2. Protective Blankets: Our nylon-covered blankets can be used to shield patients or equipment, with 0.5mm Pb equivalent.
  3. Porta Shields: Our sturdy, stable, height-adjustable shields stand securely on 5 legs and are available in 3 sizes.
  4. Terminator XR™ Maximum Radiation Protection Shields: These mobile, body-contoured, fully encapsulating, height-adjustable shields allow clinicians unimpeded patient access while providing 100% attenuation @160kVp. They are rated at 1.0mm Pb equivalent per panel and 2.0mm Pb equivalent in overlapping areas.
  5. SecureShield™ Scatter Reducing Pads and Drapes: For Angiography, Dialysis, and Electrophysiology, as well as multipurpose shields with or without fenestration. Our SecureShield products attenuate 95% of scatter radiation @100kVp intensity.

Benefits of X-Ray Table Drapes

#1: Safety from Scatter Radiation

The most important benefit of Barrier Technologies’ x-ray table shields is that they significantly reduce the amount of scatter radiation coming from beneath the imaging table. This leads to a safer working environment and greater protection against the harmful effects of scatter radiation.

#2: Easy Setup

Our hassle-free protective table drapes are quick and easy to place on any imaging table or gurney—just lift the mattress and pop them on. They don’t have any complicated loops, hooks, studs, or swivel arms that require special attachments, sockets, or setup time. Because of their snug, secure fit, there is no chance of them sliding or moving out of place during a procedure.

#3. Superior Design

The pleated panels don’t obstruct the movement of staff or the C-arm tube placement during fluoroscopy procedures. There is sufficient panel overlap to eliminate any possible gaps during such procedures. All the panels are stitched together for extra safety, unlike single panels which may fall off the table.

#4. Choose Your Requirements

Our drapes are fully customizable to suit your specific setup. We can make them with single- or double-sided shielding, and add table-end flaps according to your requirements. You can ensure the perfect fit and necessary table-to-floor length for maximum protection. The external covers from our UltraFlex fabric range are functional, durable, resistant to microbes and staining, and easy to clean. Additionally, you can choose your preferred color and pattern so that they are aesthetically pleasing, too.


It should always be remembered that radiation is cumulative and every dose leads to an increased risk of genetic damage or radiation-induced diseases. Our x-ray table drapes will ensure a safe workplace and ultimate in radiation protection, freeing you to focus on providing the best possible medical care to your patients.

Barrier Technologies provides innovative, user-friendly, x-ray protection solutions. Our dedicated team constantly researches, develops, and refines our range of technologically advanced shielding products to protect you against the deleterious effects of scatter radiation. Feel free to download our catalogs and contact our expert consultants with your requirements, to ensure just the right fit!

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