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Avoiding Healthcare-Associated Infections & Health Issues

Healthcare-associated infections, which are also referred to as HAIs or nosocomial infections, are increasingly common…
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Radiologic Equipment: Protective Technologist Equipment to Keep You Safe at Work

Protective technologist radiation equipment is essential to keeping yourself and your team safe from the…
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Radiation Side Effects: Understanding the Risks

Radiation therapy side effects vary in severity, but there’s no denying their impact on patients…
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How to Reduce Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is an advanced form of medical treatment that can help treat several ailments.…
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Why You Need Radiation Protection in Medical Imaging?

Exposure to radiation can cause negative health effects on the body. Even some types of…
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Segurança contra radiações para profissionais de saúde: O guia definitivo

Radiation technology is used in dozens of medical procedures, treatments, and diagnostics in hospitals all…
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Fato de proteção contra exposições nocivas à radiação

When you hear the phrase “types of radiation” you probably start thinking about gamma rays…
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Com que frequência devem ser mudados os aventais para proteção contra radiações?

Today, we explore the frequently asked question, “How often should aprons be changed?” Your life…
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Radiografias dentárias: Riscos potenciais se não for corretamente protegido

Dental X-rays are a quick, painless, and easy way to assess issues affecting teeth. They…
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Colar de proteção contra raios X da tiroide: Proteção contra a radiação

Do you wear a thyroid X-ray collar? This crucial shield forms an essential component of…
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Como escolher o vestuário de proteção contra radiações correto

What image springs to mind when you read “radiation protective clothing”? Most people picture brave…
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Escudos de proteção contra radiações: Guia do comprador

Radiation protection shield products are the only things that should come between you and your…