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lead apron cleaning

lead apron cleaner


Your lead apron is a vital part of your protection against the hazardous effects of ionizing radiation. It’s essential to clean it properly using a lead apron cleaner. Barrier Technologies® has specially formulated our Secure Shield X-Ray Apron Cleaning Wipes to gently, but effectively clean your apron to remove any contamination and extend its lifespan.

If you work in a busy radiological environment, your x-ray apron collects grime, blood, other bodily fluids, barium spills, etc. These render it unsanitary, making it an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Highly contagious bacteria, molds, and viruses pose a danger to your health and those around you.


Secure Shield X-Ray Apron Cleaning Wipes

Barrier Technologies’ sanitizing Secure Shield X-Ray Apron Cleaning Wipes are the easiest, quickest way to clean your lead apron when you’re on the go:

  • They are comprehensively active against stains and bacteria.
  • They are fully COVID-19 compliant.
  • They come in a convenient pop-up dispenser containing 30 wipes.
  • They are non-abrasive and contain no alcohol, bleach or petroleum-based products.

All our products are the result of extensive research. We are specialists in radiation protective gear and our wipes are made with due consideration to protecting that gear. They won’t damage the fabric covers or react with the lead lining, unlike many other cleaners.

You can rest assured that the cleaning and sanitizing agent we use in our wipes are both safe and highly effective. Keep one of our handy dispensers nearby to swiftly take care of any dirt, stains, or contaminants on your x-ray lead apron.


Brief Overview of X-ray Apron Cleaning

Although you should use our wipes for instant cleaning when accidents happen, we recommend that you clean your X-ray apron daily. Research shows that occasional wiping isn’t enough to remove the biofilm that develops over time. This invisible layer of gunk comprises bacterial colonies and other biomatter. Approximately 80% of chronic infections in health facilities are biofilm-related.

Thoroughly inspecting and cleaning your apron is a simple process that will be time well spent to ensure that your apron is undamaged, disinfected, and safe to use.


How To Inspect and Clean Your Lead Apron

Step #1: Gather the following materials:

  • Gloves for hand protection – you can use ordinary exam or surgical gloves.
  • Barrier Technologies Secure Shield Apron Cleaning Wipes.


Step #2: Inspect your apron for damage:

  • Put on your gloves to protect yourself against any germs or contaminants that may be present on your apron.
  • Examine all the seams to see that they are intact.
  • Check the outer and inner covers for any damage or abnormalities in the material.
  • Check the belt and fastenings for any wear or damage.
  • Inspect the surface for any cracks, sagging, lumps, or separation from the seams.
  • You can conduct a radiographic test to see if there’s any damage that’s invisible to the naked eye. (Note that a fluoroscopic inspection should be performed annually.)
  • If you do find any damage, then your apron needs to be repaired or replaced immediately. A damaged lining can’t protect you from ionizing radiation


Step #3: Prepare for cleaning:

  • Gently wipe the surface of your apron
  • Give the surface a preliminary wipe with a Secure Shield Apron Cleaning Wipe thoroughly cleaning the surface.
  • Hang your Apron after cleaning & allow it to air dry
  • Be careful not to fold or crease your apron—this can damage the radiation protective lining’s integrity.
  • Don’t use any harsh cleaning agents, such as bleach


Step #4: Use Barrier Technologies Secure Shield Apron Cleaning Wipes:

  • Thoroughly, but gently wipe the whole surface of the apron.
  • Use overlapping circular motions to cover all parts of the surface.
  • Carefully wipe the Apron closures


Step #5: Dry your apron:

  • Don’t wring or squeeze your apron.
  • Don’t handle the surface or try to rub it dry
  • Put your apron on a hanger and hang it up to air dry. We don’t recommend hanging it on a hook as this can cause damage.
  • Ensure that you dry your apron thoroughly before using again. Barrier Technologies supplies a variety of specialized apron racks which are ideal for facilitating drying and storage.
  • Your apron is now clean, sanitized, and ready for use.


Pros and Cons of Using Apron Cleaner

The following table summarizes the pros and cons of x-ray apron cleaning wipes:

Advantages of Apron Cleaner Disadvantages of Apron Cleaner
  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Can be used for on-the-go cleaning
  • Prevents staining if used immediately
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Effective against Covid-19
  • Doesn’t contain any harsh or damaging cleaning agents
  • It’s very affordable
  • Heavy soiling may need specialized cleaning
  • Can’t completely eliminate biofilm which can be build up over time
  • Drying time is required
  • Thorough cleaning takes time
  • Drying time is required


Other X-Ray Apron Cleaning Options To Consider

Although our x-ray apron cleaning wipes are excellent for cleaning and sanitizing your lead apron, porous nylon fabric covers stain easily and are difficult to clean. This greatly increases the risk of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). If you are looking to replace your apron, try one of our new generation options covered with UltraFlex™ antibacterial, stain-resistant medical-grade urethane-coated fabric that shrugs off fluids and is comfortable to wear.

If you’re a dentist looking to protect your patients, we have a revolutionary option for you: The MagnaGuard Velcro-Free Dental X-ray Apron. Don’t forget to use our Secure Shield wipes for daily wipe downs.


Barrier Technologies — Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Lead Apron Cleaning Wipes

Barrier Technologies conducts ongoing research and development to bring you the latest innovations in radiation protection equipment and accessories. We manufacture all our products in-house, paying the utmost attention to quality, comfort and ease of use.

Our Secure Shield X-Ray Apron Cleaning Wipes have been specifically formulated to keep your lead apron clean and hygienic. You can perform your radiologic work secure in the knowledge that you are protected from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation and invisible pathogens. Contact us today to place your order.


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