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Lightweight Protective X-Ray Aprons

Lightweight lead aprons and lead-free aprons help radiologists and technicians survive the many hours spent wearing radiation protection aprons. At Barrier Technologies, our goal is to make it easy for interventionalists to say “yes” to wearing their aprons by manufacturing lightweight aprons that are comfortable and easy to clean.

Continue reading to learn more about our lightweight X-ray aprons or download our apron catalog to read about all our apron styles in detail.

Ultra Lightweight Radiation Protection Aprons

Ionizing radiation accumulates in the body with each exposure, which is why it’s crucial for all personnel involved in X-ray procedures to wear appropriate protective garments.

Unfortunately for anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other staff, traditional lead aprons are infamous for being heavy, hot, and cumbersome. These disadvantages can discourage apron use and cause staff to put themselves at risk of excessive radiation exposure and, eventually, cancer.

To empower your staff and make it easy for personnel to don their protective aprons, we recommend equipping your office with lightweight aprons.

How Lightweight Aprons Compare With Standard Lead Aprons

Not only are lead aprons uncomfortable, but due to their weight, they’ve also been shown to cause musculoskeletal problems when worn for long periods of time.

The healthcare industry has been aware of this problem for decades but has endured heavy lead aprons because there hasn’t been a viable attenuating alternative.

That is, until very recently.

Medical manufacturing companies, like Barrier Technologies, have been working since the 1990s to develop a lightweight attenuation material to protect healthcare workers from radiation. And after years of diligent research and testing, the result we’ve developed is a Bismuth-based attenuating material (an amalgamation of titanium, magnesium, tungsten, and other alloys).

All these alloys have a much smaller atomic weight than lead, which is why our lightweight aprons are up to 30% lighter than traditional lead aprons.

Our Lightweight Apron Catalog

We manufacture two protective core materials and offer three styles of apron, enabling you to select the ideal apron for your team.

And to demonstrate just how significant the difference is between our lightweight X-ray aprons and standard lead aprons, here is a chart listing the apron styles we offer, their core material, and weight.

Apron Style Apron Weight* Attenuating Material Disposal Requirements
Lightweight Apron
(Pb Free)
7.2 lbs (36% lighter than lead) Bismuth, titanium, & other metal alloys Environmentally friendly (no special disposal required)
Standard Lead
(Pb Standard)
11.3 lbs 100% lead Lead is a hazardous substance and requires special disposal

*Weight numbers are taken from our Medium Frontal Apron. The percentage differences remain relatively constant regardless of which size of apron you order.



Advantages Of Our Lightweight Lead Aprons & Pb-Free Aprons

In addition to being lighter than lead aprons and being environmentally friendly to dispose of, our lightweight X-ray aprons are equipped with new radiation protection technology that makes them safer and more comfortable to wear than competing options.

MagnaGuard™ (Antibacterial Magnetic Closures)

Velcro apron closures are notoriously difficult to clean and harbor viruses and bacteria like staph and MERS. We’ve eliminated the risk of transmitting HAIs with velcro by developing and patenting a breakthrough magnetic closure system, called MagnaGuard™.

UltraFlex™ (Antibacterial Outer Material)

Another HAI risk is the porous nylon fabric that coats most aprons. This is because nylon is impossible to clean properly. To mitigate this, we’ve developed and patented a new kind of outer material called UltraFlex™. Our antibacterial fabric is impervious to fluids, can be easily cleaned with disinfectant, is stain resistant, and delivers more flexibility than traditional nylon.

Ready To Go Aprons (Ship Within 24 Hrs)

As part of our commitment to helping healthcare organizations stay safe from radiation and HAIs, we offer a line of special Ready To Go (RTG) aprons. These lightweight X-ray aprons ship within 24 hours and feature UltraFlex™ and MagnaGuard™ and are available in a range of configurations including:

  • 4 Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • 5 Colors: red, black, royal blue, navy blue, or charcoal gray
  • 2 Styles: our frontal apron or our 2-piece support vest and skirt

Of course, if you would like different styles or customizations, then you can order one of our standard lightweight aprons, which will ship in the usual 4-8 weeks.


Keep Staff & Patients Protected With Radiation Protection Products From Barrier Technologies

In addition to lightweight radiation protection aprons, we also offer a host of additional X-ray protection products. From collars to shields and glasses, Barrier Technologies is your one-stop shop for all your radiation protection product needs.

Our inventory of innovative protection products includes:

  • Leaded Eyewear. Our glasses are equipped with Med-X® Glass lenses, delivering the highest lens attenuation in the industry. Lenses can be enhanced with anti-fog and anti-reflective protection and we also offer a huge variety of frame styles from leading brands like Oakley, Rudy Project, and Costa.
  • Protective Gloves. Our lightweight gloves are flexible, maximize tactile sensitivity, and deliver a lead equivalence of either 0.2 mm Pb or .04mm Pb (depending on which style you order). To make gloves more comfortable to wear, we’ve designed our gloves with curved fingers, which significantly reduces tension on the hand.
  • Mobile Radiation Shields. The Terminator XR™ is an innovative portable shield solution that delivers 4x the radiation protection of a lead apron while also helping you stay mobile during long procedures. And unlike bulky shields that are suspended from the ceiling, our shield enables doctors and techs to work in tandem against the table.
  • Thyroid Shields & Drapes. We offer 3 thyroid shield options, including lead and lead-free styles, featuring UltraFlex™ fabric and MagnaGuard™ closures. Also included in this catalog are our scatter reducing shields, which are flexible, lead-free, sterile, highly absorbent, and environmentally friendly.



Order Your Lightweight X-Ray Aprons Today

Barrier Technologies is a global leader in lightweight apron technology and manufacturing. We cater to healthcare organizations of all sizes and are committed to developing innovative solutions to radiation protection problems.

If you need lightweight aprons immediately, take advantage of our Ready To Go apron line and place your order today. We’ll ship your aprons out within 24 hours.

For more complex or custom orders, contact our office.


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