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1. What is your lead time for custom radiation protection products?

Barrier Technologies provides custom orders within 20 working days (four weeks), significantly quicker than the industry standard of 8 to 12 weeks.

Additionally, our RTG ready-to-go aprons are available and can be dispatched within 24 hours, offering unmatched convenience for your radiation protection needs.

2. What sets your radiation protection products apart from competitors?

Our products stand out due to their exceptional quality and manufacturing excellence. Barrier Technologies offers the fastest lead times in the industry as we can deliver our custom radiation protective aprons in 20 working days.

Frequent personnel changes can disrupt business flow and client relationships, so we see our team’s continuity and unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service as a major advantage when compared to competitors.

3. How quickly can prescription radiation protection eyewear be delivered?

Prescription radiation protection eyewear is manufactured and shipped within 10 working days, much faster than the typical 8 to 10 weeks offered by other manufacturers.

Our advanced digital lens surfacing technology also ensures precise prescriptions and efficient production, so the eyewear will be as accurate as normal prescription glasses.

4. Are your radiation protection products made with tungsten?

Yes, our protective radiation products do contain tungsten. This material is high in density and can shield your organs against harmful ionizing radiation. Because of this, we’ve used tungsten as an attenuating material in our aprons and other protective equipment, so they’re ideal for all Radiation Protective applications.

5. Do your radiation protection products have international certifications?

Yes, all our products are CE-marked and ISO-certified, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. These certifications allow us to meet the high-quality and safety standards required in markets worldwide.

Not only this but Barrier Technologies also has CE certification so our protective products can be distributed and used throughout Europe.

6. In addition to the USA, what other major markets do you serve?

We distribute our products in over 50 countries, including the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, the Middle East, and South Africa among many others.

Our global reach continues to expand, providing radiation protection solutions across diverse healthcare markets. You can see the countries we serve on our website.

7. How do you ensure a reliable supply chain for your products?

At Barrier Technologies, we maintain a US-based manufacturing process and source materials locally, minimizing supply chain disruptions and ensuring consistent product quality.

By sourcing our raw materials from US suppliers, and purchasing our raw materials years in advance, we avoid unforeseen circumstances, and supply chain disruptions.. Customers can rely on us for timely deliveries and dependable service.

8. Have you had recent developments or partnerships that enhance your product offerings?

We recently secured new group purchasing contracts with Vizient, Yankee Alliance, and Capstone Health, significantly enhancing our market presence and customer reach.

In addition to this, we continuously develop strategic partnerships with distributors in emerging markets, which further underscores our commitment to providing innovative radiation protection solutions globally.

9. How do you ensure efficient post-delivery support for your radiation protection products?

Barrier Technologies delivers great support and aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our AI-driven apron measuring technology guarantees a 99% accurate fit, and our complimentary Barrier Track apron inventory management system, compliant with Joint Commission standards, helps hospitals manage inventory and regulatory compliance seamlessly.

Barrier Technologies also ensures that you’re satisfied with your protective equipment. If your product is not properly fitted, has a faulty prescription, or is otherwise not up to our standards, contact us to get help.

10. How do you ensure accurate-fitting aprons?

Our Apron Sizer AI measuring technology simplifies the fitting process, allowing users to measure themselves accurately at the office or from home. By following a web-based tutorial, end users can capture precise measurements without the need for onsite visits or manual measurements.

Our web-based X-ray Apron Sizer measuring app “sizer,” offers convenience and efficiency, allowing rapid measurement of multiple individuals consecutively. Its intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance allow users to easily obtain accurate measurements, streamlining the ordering process.

11. What is included in your apron tracking system?

Our QR code apron tracking system, Barrier Track, offers seamless inventory management and regulatory compliance.

This feature is included with your purchase and it allows facility managers to track apron usage, inspections, and inventory levels efficiently, aiding in the accreditation processes.

12. What are your certifications and how do you make them accessible?

We prioritize transparency regarding certifications and regulatory compliance.

Our most important certifications are prominently featured on our website, including CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA registration logos. Our team is happy to provide proof of certification to our partners upon request.

13. Can you handle large orders and still meet your lead time?

Our manufacturing infrastructure is designed to handle demand fluctuations and scale operations as needed.

We invest in cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes to ensure we can meet increased demand without compromising quality or lead times.

14. How does your company address privacy and data security?

We prioritize user privacy and data security, ensuring that our web-based platform protects user measurements and personal information.

At Barrier Technologies we also adhere to stringent data protection protocols and regularly update our systems to mitigate potential risks.

15. Do you provide additional support or assistance?

We continually invest in technological innovations and value-added services to meet evolving customer needs.

From advanced apron sizing tools to comprehensive tracking systems, we strive to deliver solutions that optimize efficiency, convenience, and safety for our customers. For specific inquiries, please contact our sales team.

16. How does your apron tracking system work?

Our apron tracking system is an independent platform that employs a user-friendly dashboard and QR code technology to streamline inventory management.

Users at your facility can scan aprons, input information, track inspections, and get reminders about upcoming events, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and efficient accreditation processes.

17. Can facilities outside your distribution network access the apron tracking system?

At this time, the apron tracking system is exclusively available to customers who purchase aprons directly from us or through authorized distributors.

18. What are the minimum requirements for becoming a distributor of your products?

Custom-made aprons cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect. In rare cases of sizing discrepancies, we have a set return process to ensure prompt resolution for our clients.

19. How do you handle returns or adjustments for custom aprons?

We recently secured new group purchasing contracts with Vizient, Yankee Alliance, and Capstone Health, significantly enhancing our market presence and customer reach.

In addition to this, we continuously develop strategic partnerships with distributors in emerging markets, which further underscores our commitment to providing innovative radiation protection solutions globally.

20. What is your response time for addressing questions?

We aim to address inquiries and concerns within a business day. Our dedicated team ensures timely communication and resolution, so your satisfaction is our biggest priority.

21. How do you accommodate urgent orders?

Our goal is to meet urgent requirements and offer expedited processing for time-sensitive orders, subject to availability. You can communicate your deadlines, and we do our best to fulfill their needs while maintaining quality.


What measures do you take to ensure accurate sizing and fit for custom radiation aprons?

Our AI-driven sizing technology, “sizer,” guarantees precise measurements tailored to individual requirements, eliminating the need for manual measurements and ensuring optimal fit and comfort.