Our partnership with Corning & their Med-X line of 0.75mm Pb Radiation Protective lenses allows us to enhance the adaptability and acuity of the human eye while providing maximum protection, durability, and comfort. These lenses strategically block the harmful rays of scatter radiation while providing the user with reduced eye fatigue and enhanced vision.

Offering uncompromising comfort, fit, form and function, our Leaded Eyewear collection allows the user to concentrate & stay focused while at the same time maximizing safety for our customers.

Barrier TechnologiesĀ® Leaded Eyewear:

Our product line incorporates new technologies that improve the safety, performance & comfort of all healthcare practitioners who work in fluoroscopic environments. We invite you to explore our Leaded Eyewear catalog to see how we have become the leader in Radiation Protective eyewear and radiation protection products by setting the standard for quality & customer service.

“Your safety is our concern”™

Leaded Radiation Protection Glasses